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Monday, May 25, 2009
Classic Rock Sprint Triathlon, Rockwall Texas
It turned out that there was no soccer this weekend (which was last weekend - May 17). I was not planning on racing, but: 1) The McKinney Tri was such a disaster that it seemed like good idea to establish a good race; 2)I bought the new racing bike - seemed like a good idea to race it.

Saturday I registered for the race. As usual with late registration I was in the back of the pack. Ester told me not to worry as there was a guy who was going to swim Sub 3 min in front of me and she was going to clear the pool for him!

Sunday morning the parking was screwed up. Normally there is a big field in back of the Rockwall YMCA where we can park. But the ground was too soft so we had to park in the neighborhood instead. This also made me a bit later to get my bike in Transition. As a result I did not have time to warm up in the pool. That was probably a good thing, as I was going to be waiting around for another hour or so before I would be ready to swim. Instead I did a 2 mile run to warmup.

It turns out that the sub three min swimmer in front of me, is on the UT swim team and also on the Canadian National Swim team. He was doing the swim leg of a relay. Ester indeed cleared the pool - but she did so with about ten really slow swimmers in front of me and Mr. UT. In fact there were only four racers behind me. Finally UT guy was off. He dove head first into the pool - which is probably just his normal reflex, but Jack gave him a 2 min penalty! Then I was off in his wake.

I ended up passing all of those swimmers that Ester left in front of us, including on chick who was doing the backstroke! I hit all of my turns and while I could have been a few seconds faster in the swim, I was overall happy.

My T1 was smooth - in and out quickly.

Then on to the new bike. Well the first half I had a hard time settling in. I was passing people like crazy, but I was slow on the rolling hills. The wind was blowing as well. And I am pretty sure it was a factor on the first part of the bike. Once we turned around and headed back I was flying. So I am pretty sure both the bike was feeling better and I had a bit more wind to my back.

The T2 was no problem, except my bike was way at the back of the Transition area.

I felt pretty good on the run right out of the T2. And of course I was passing people like crazy. I was able to keep pouring it on and pushing harder and harder. A great effort in the run!

This race was the EXACTLY the same course as the Rockwall Triathlon that I did last August. Compared to August I was 11 seconds slower in the swim, but 10 seconds faster in the T1. So a wash getting on the bike. This time I was 1:10 slower (on the new bike, ahem), than last August. But my run was 1:40 faster than August so overall I was 10 seconds faster compared to August. All of that in the run.

I STILL need to figure out how to ride a bike.

I finished seventh overall; first in my age group. I was third masters, getting beat out by two fifty year old yahoos who can ride the bike. I was third overall on the run, missing first by 5 seconds and second by 2 seconds. I spotted both of those dudes 20 years.

May - Classic Rock
Swim 04:28
T1: 01:09
Bike 31st 41:13 20.4mph
Run: 3rd 16:40 5:45/M

August 08 - Tri Rock
Bike:33rd 40:02 21.0MPH
Run:8th 18:19 6:19/M

Classic Rock Triathlon
On the NEW bike.

Classic Rock Triathlon
Finishing the run.


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