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Sunday, May 03, 2009
Race Report: Historic McKinney Triathlon
Work had been very crazy and somehow I did not even realize that the race was this weekend until like Wednesday or Thursday. The forecast was for rain. I was unsure that entering was a wise idea. On Friday they canceled all the kids soccer games due to the Swine Flu paranoia. No soccer meant a perfect opportunity for Dad to race. When I asked him about the rain Terry pointed out that we survived the crazy thunderstorms at a race up in Dennison, so why not? And he told me that he had paid his fee so he was gonna be there.

Last Year it was the same thing.  It rained like crazy the night before the race.  And it rained on the drive up there, but it stopped right in time for the start.  This year it rained all saturday afternoon and evening.  Then right at 4am another front blew through with massive rain.   I check the radar and there was nothing on the other side.  It was warmer than last year - so I knew I could tough it out.

Having registered the day before the race, I had a very high race number.  I checked with new race director Staci Brodi about getting a number more appropriate for my swim time.  She told me to seed myself where I needed to be.  Perfect!  After I did a 500 warmup, I found a place in the start line about 20 back give or take.  My swim was great.  No one got near me from behind and I never got close enough to the person in front of me.  Flip turns the whole way.  Not bad.  I still think that 25 meter pool swims are insane.  I finished 16th in the swim at 4:28.  Last year I was 15th in the swim in 4:22.

I quickly got to my bike in the transition area and had no issues.  Glasses number over head, sox, shoes helmet and chinstrap.  Done.  1:17 compared to 1:42 last year.

I got moving on the bike quickly.  Due to the rain, they changed the bike creating two loops that were overall shorter than the planned ride which was the same as last year.  I quickly passed a couple of folks and only after a couple of miles did some guy with carbon fiber, zipp wheels, and pointy helmet go by me.   Interestingly once in front he did not pull ahead.  This part of the course is on some very narrow, twisty and wet country roads.  But roads that I ride regularly.  After a mile, I blew by carbon fiber guy.  I held that position for most of the rest of the first loop.  As we headed into the second loop another bike went by me and carbon boy went with him.

Somewhere on the first loop I thought I heard some strange sounds from my rear tire.  I assumed a wet leaf was rubbing or something.  But  about a mile into the second loop it was clear that my rear was blown and going down fast.  Drats.  I stopped.

And so I was standing there thinking about this, and a guy comes by asking if I need a tube.  Yes please.  This was a big barrel chested guy.  He unzipped his top and reaches in there and produces a seat bag that he tosses to me.  I am 136 he says and he whips on by.  I removed my wheel and got the tire off the rim.  Then I removed the tube.  I inserted the new tube and while I was working on getting the tire on rim, the RBM mechanics pulled up and finished the job for me.  It was about a five minute pit stop.  I finished the bike strong.  Official time was 51:23 85th place.  My elapsed time, according to the polar, was 46:15 which would have put me 35th on the bike compared to 35th place last year on the bike.  Hmmm...

I ran through the T2 in 24 seconds and like last year (31 sec), I posted the fastest T2 time in the race.

As I started the run my quads were screaming.  In fact through the entire run they were cramping.  In spite of that I pushed through, passing quite a few people and not being passed.  I liked the run last year.  This year they changed it to run through Historic Downtown.  I liked the new set up as well.  It was a bit longer than last year.  And due to the rain, they added some more to as well.  I posted a 23:xx for an advertised 3.5 miles, good for sixth place.  Last year I was third on the run.

I finished 33rd overall.  Taking out the flat time, I would have finished 13th compared to 14th last year.  So I guess that's progress!

I did not see Terry before or after the race and I did not see his name in the results.  Puzzling.  I called him to see if he was alright.  Maybe the storm had caused some damage at his place which prevented him from racing?  Instead, it turns out that he just blew off the race!  Amazing and very un-Terry like!

I had been hoping for a better result today.  That said, it was good to get out on the race course.

Update May 5 - 

First off - I am sore as all get out.  My quads feel like they have been trashed Boston Marathon Style.  I am not kidding.  Exactly the way they felt after Boston.  I have no explaination for this.  There is no reason that my quads should be trashed from this sprint tri.  Bizarre.

Second - I realized that the transition area was farther away from the pool and smaller in length compared to last year.  The six seconds difference in swim time is exactly the amount of extra distance that I had to run from the pool to transition.  The faster transition times are due to a shorter run through the transition area.

McKinney Triathlon
Out of the pool

McKinney Triathlon
Coming out of T1

McKinney Triathlon
On the bike (before the flat)

McKinney Triathlon
Cool Down Run - Notice all the Grease


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