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Sunday, July 12, 2009
StoopidR Than Hell 100 - IV
We had a hard time settling on date for the STH 100 this year. In the end I decided that Friday July 3 would be the day. Sadly that date did not work for Mike, or Victoria. Kathy also wanted to join us this year, but she (or her coach) could not cope either. So in the end it was me, Terry, Tim and Super Dave.

I pulled out of my house a bit late at 4:50 and met Terry at Renner and North Star. Tim was going to meet us on the route, but Super Dave should have been at Renner and North star with a new buddy he was bringing. As soon as the clock struck 5am, Terry and I decided to leave.

We headed up North Star which as everyone knows turns into Los Rios and then just east of Jupiter I saw a flashing headlight which sure enough was Tim. The three of us headed up Jupitar and just before we got to Bethany, Dave came whipping by in the Davemobile. Apparently Dave got pulled over by Richardson's finest on Renner road just before he got to the meeting place. I must have driven by the cop on my bike, but I did not see him.

We had a mild south wind. From Allen, Dave Tim and I hammered pretty hard up to Van Alstyne. Terry took it slow and easy. We reloaded water bottles and then headed up to Sherman. In Sherman, we took a slightly different route than last year. Then we hammered it back to Van Alstyne and reloaded the water bottles a second time.

We took turns at the front, this time including Terry and made great time to McKinney. By this time it was heating up for sure. But I was in good shape. We reloaded water bottles at the QT one last time and headed home! Dave was dragging a bit by now and Tim too.

Heading back we dropped Tim at Greenville and Bethany and then we dropped Dave at his car at Bethany and Jupiter. Terry I headed back down Los Rios and Terry turned at Renner. I went down to Beck, because I figured if I went straight home I would be a bit short.

Once home I put down a towel and got an Ice Pack for my head and then I chilled out!

Another STH in the bag!!

Distance: 100.3 Miles
Velocity: 17.4 MPH
Ride Time: 5:44

Stoopidr Than Hell Finishers:
Super Dave(3)
Tim (3)
Vic (1)

PS: Saturday I went out an did another 50 with Vic. I noticed that the air in my tire was really low - which it had been before the STH. After the Saturday ride I checked the inner tube and sure enough it was leaking. Nothing like 150 miles on a bad tube! Sheesh!

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