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Sunday, November 08, 2009
DRC Half and 5K
Last Sunday, was to be the start of the fall racing season, with the DRC 5K which is run in conjunction with the DRC half. The half is a huge event, which made the logistics tricky.

Just a week before I had been in India, and for the whole week leading up to the race, I was mentally and physically dead.

A plan is a plan, so I entered the race against my own better judgement.

The race start was pretty normal, I got out at a good pace and was probably around 6th position when we turned up the hill to Mockingbird off of Lawther. I'd guess four or five passed me on the uphill. Once we got to Mockingbird, though, I managed to pick a bunch of them off. After the first mile and half I had worked my way to fourth.

With a mile to go I gave it all I had. But it was not enough, and at about 800 meters to go I got passed. And then coming in for the final sprint, I got passed again - finishing 6th.

Good Grief. And it turns out both of those guys were masters runners. Although I can find some consolation in that no one older than me beat me.

Anyhow, at the race they gave me the Top Masters Award, but according to these results that was mistake.



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Nice run. I recently ran a 5K after having swine flu a couple weeks earlier, so I know the "against my better judgment" feeling. :-)
Mike...Uggh...Yeah the recovery from the swine flu would be similar to the lethargy I have been feeling recently.
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