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Friday, November 27, 2009
Sachse High School Turkey Trot
Starting with the beginning of October, I have had three separate weeks abroad. And a cold to boot. All of this has taken a toll on the training. On Monday I got back to doing a decent set of intervals, which did not feel too bad. That gave me some hope for running the traditional thanksgiving race.

Also on Monday night one of the mom's at the gym (and one of Reagan's former coaches) asked me about doing the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. The Dallas event is the biggest race of its kind in the country. However, just a few miles from the homestead Sachse High School puts on a smaller event, which is more to my taste. We hatched a plan with four of the gymnasts from the team doing the run as well.

It was a spectacular morning for a run. I had a good warmup and felt like I could have a good race. At the start I noted the kid who finished just in front of me last year and also the master who I just beat out last year. I did not see last year's winner at the line. The girls all lined up right in the front row, which is probably not advisable generally, but given the low key nature of this event, I did not try too move them out of the way.

Start Line of the Sachse Turkey Trot 2009
From the left starting with 449 - Isa, who is on Logan's soccer team, then the four gymnasts: Reagan, Carson, Sarah and Brooke.

I lined up behind Brooke and got around her pretty quickly. The kid who beat me last year was out in front of me with another kid. After the first quarter mile we got rid of all the kids who went out too fast and it was those two in front followed by me and the other masters. The race headed south on Miles Road from the High School, going down the hill to Old Miles and the up a nice hill almost to 190 and then a turn around. This was a new course compared to last year. Going up the hill I managed to catch the kid from last year. He said, to me as I went by, "Hey you're the guy from last year..take it". Heading down the hill I tried to catch the other kid and at this point the Masters went by me and then by the other kid.

And that was that. Masters Guy, then the new kid, then me. As much as I tried, I was unable to make up any thing on the other two. That said, no one was able to make up anything on me either. I finished third (for the second year in a row) in an uninspiring 18:32. The splits I had on my watch were: 5:38, 6:05, 6:48. I gotta believe that the course was longer - maybe 5K rather than 3 mile. (GMAP agrees with this assessment!)

At the Finish, no one in site.

Reagan Kelley with a strong finish!

With the Mayor of Sachse Texas for the awards ceremony!

After we got home Reagan demanded that I produce all of the various Turkey Trot Trophies that I had won over the years. This required a trip to the attic to dig through the old trophy box. I managed to produce 9 trophies dating back to 1995. One from the Carrollton Runners Club, Three from the Sugarland Turkey Trot, Three from Run through the Woods, and two in Sachse.

The Trophies

The Shirt
The Race Shirt


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