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Saturday, December 19, 2009
Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run
A while back I had asked Reagan if she was going to the Winter Run with me again like we had done last year. The answer was an unequivocal "no". But then she found out that he buddy Sara from the gym was going to run it, so she agreed to run this year.

My buddy McGehee was also running the race and we gave him a ride to the event.

It was 26 degrees with a strong south wind too boot. That is about as cold as it gets in North Texas. McGehee and I did our usual 2 mile warm up and some strides. I collected Reagan and we all went to the start line.

I took an inside position and ran by a bunch of the kids at the start. I saw McGehee line up on the outside, but I never saw him in the race. I had a pretty good pace going by the time we took the turn into the wind. I hit the mile in 5:45, which is a bit slower than I expected, but given the wind, that was probably reasonable. I was running in a pack with two other guys. Both looked old enough to be Masters runners. They were dialing up the pressure after the mile mark, so I dug in to hang with them. I managed to keep with this group most of the way in. About a quarter mile from the finish one guy made his move. I picked it up, but did not have enough to stay with him. But I had way more than enough to stay in front of the other guy. I finished in 11:30. Perfectly even splits.

I jogged back along the course and found Reagan, running solo. Not as hard as last year. She kept looking back for Sara, and I kept telling her to focus on a strong finish! She came through in 19:05, a minute slower than last year. Probably due to staying with her friend for longer than she should have.

It turns out that the guy who out kicked me at the finish was 39, and so I won first overall masters! Reagan edged out her buddy Sarah for third in their age group. McGehee won second in his Age group.

I also ran into another Brooks Sponsored Runner, Cheryl, at the race. She also won second in her age group. So it was a good haul!

Arlington Winter Run
Almost there!

Penguins! From the left: Cheryl, Reagan, Chris, and Sara.


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