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Sunday, May 09, 2010
The Historic McKinney Triathlon
Terry had been bugging me to do this event in spite of the fact that he paid for it last year and then bagged it due to the rain! Ahem. Yeah. And I was really unsure about racing on my stupid, splattered ankle. However, Wednesday prior to the race day I did the first track workout of the season and I did exactly the same splits that I ran that same workout last year. And there was no soccer. So I signed up on Thursday, two days before the race. Luckily they held out some low numbers and I got #30.

Friday I stopped by REI and picked up a new Tri-Suit. Then I turned my attention that damn bike I bought last year. My theory was that the seat was too low, so I pulled that sucker out really high! I was ready.

Sunday, ODarkThirty. Game time. For the first time in two years it was not raining as I was driving to the race! I got my transition area ready, when I realized I left my socks in the car. On my way back to get the socks, I saw a guy wearing a BrooksID uniform. I introduced myself to William and then went and got those socks (Brooks of course).

I did a 500 yard warm-up in the pool. The new tri-suit felt a little weird in the water. After the warm-up I was hanging out in the pool when Terry finally turned up. We chatted for a while until they were getting ready to line us up to start the swim. I went to start and as I was standing there, Georgie, who is one of the nuts that I swim with on Fridays, grabs me and starts to quiz me about my race number. She had a number 20 and demanded that I start in front of her!

And we are off!

This was a 25 yard pool swim down and back in each lane 6 times. I caught the guy in front me in the second fifty. I split the lane and went by him. Then there was some yahoo doing the breast stroke. I went by him and some one else that he was blocking. I think I passed four people. When I got to the last lane no one was there on either side. I hammered that fifty and hauled myself out of the pool from the deep end. Until I reviewed the race pictures, I failed to notice the LADDER that was right there, that EVERYONE else used to exit the pool. What a dumb ass!

Exiting the pool the hard way. Note the Ladder...

I made it through T1 with no problems, grabbed the bike and got on to go. And thats when I saw my goggles hanging off the platform pedals. A fact that was promptly pointed out to me by a race official. I was able to get on the bike and then grab the goggles. After I got my number sorted out and got locked into my pedals I stuffed the goggles into the top of my tri-suit.

Start of the Bike...Note the Goggles...

I got a good rhythm on the bike right off the bat. After a few miles a couple of dudes, one master, passed me. However, I was able to keep up and in fact, I did not lose sight of them until the last few miles. This was a new bike course compared to the last two years. I prefer the original course, but this was not bad. I did not lose much ground on the bike, and I was ready to Hammer the run.

I came out of T2 with no problems. A 17year old kid came out with me, but he did not know where to go. I pointed to a runner up ahead, "follow him". And that worked for the first half mile, but then he got confused and I blew by him. I passed a bunch of guys included the two masters who passed me on the bike. I had a good lead on the kid, and he was hanging in there which gave me good mental energy for the last half mile.

Last Quarter Mile...Note The Kid in the background..

I finished fifth overall, first in my age group and third in the run. I had the fastest swim time of the top five finishers. However, I missed the top masters spot by 49 seconds - all in the bike. Sheesh. My swim was 4:27 10th overall compared to 4:28 last year and 4:22 the year before. My bike was 37:34 and the run was 22:49 which was faster than last year. Overall a better race than the last two years!

William finished first overall. Georgie and Terry both won their age groups. Overall a good showing for Chris and friends!

Cool down run

First Place Young Geezers Category

William First Overall

Terry - First Place Old Geezers Category


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