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Saturday, July 10, 2010
StoopidR Than Hell 100 - V
Fourth of July marked the return of the StoopidR Than Hell 100 cycling extravaganza. This year word got out on facebook and as such we had several new faces in the crowd. And speaking of crowd, there was a whole posse that decided to do the STH course starting an hour later than the prescribed kick off.

The weather this year featured a strong south wind blowing 10-20 MPH. This made the ride to Sherman fast and enjoyable and the ride from Sherman slow and horrific.

Mike met me right on time at 4:40 at my house. We pushed off five minutes later, for me to realize that I did not have my contact lens in my eyes. False Start. We turned around and I got my contacts in and then hauled butt up to the Walgrens to meet the rest of the crew.

We got to Walgreen's and everyone was ready to go: Dave, Vic, Terry, Kathy, Mitch and Lora. But Georgie was lost! She turned up a couple of minutes later, I gave the pre-ride instructions and we were off.

Tim hooked up with us on Los Rios between Parker and Jupiter - as usual!

Everything was going well until we got into McKinney. I was asking Georgie about this interesting light that she had on her helmet when my computer flew off the bike! I turned around and searched for while before I found it. I got rolling again, and found Mitch waiting for me. We rode for a while and caught the rest of the group before we got to 121. Meanwhile the Polar started making very strange noises. Not good.

After we crossed 121 Tim and Vic turned around. Vic logged 50 total and Tim put in some extra work to get his Century.

We made good time between Melissa and Anna. As we pulled out of Anna we could hear this motorcycle screaming up the road towards us, I looked back several times, expecting it to fly by - but it never came. We got to the Exxon in Van Alstyne and loaded up the water bottles. We were all there except Terry and Mitch. Terry told me he was going to stop at the Sonic in Anna. So I figured that he and Mitch were eating some Sonic. Just as we were ready to pull out, I checked my phone. Missed call from Terry and a Voice Message. I played the message and Terry said, "Mitch got hit by a motorcycle. I'll check you later." I was stunned and played the message again - not believing what I heard.

After a brief discussion we headed out to Sherman. I love this part of the ride, because of the big rolling hills leading into Sherman. We made it though the city, regrouped and headed back. As soon as we turned around we could feel the wind. Wow. Hard.

As we got to the last intersection in Sherman, there was Terry waiting for us. He told us that the Motorcycle and tried to kick Mitch as he went by. He ripped mitch's shorts but Mitch was not hurt and did not go down. That could not be said for he idiot on the motorcycle. He lost control, flew off the side of the road, mangled his bike and his ankle and got a ticket for being a lame brain.

We regrouped again in Van Alstyne, except for Terry who went on to Anna to get his Sonic Burger! I took a hard pull out of the city and when I came up for air, I could not get the energy to hook in the back of the group. Off they went. My stomach was a bit upset as well. Not too bad, but a little discomfort. I kept the group in site until Anna. There I saw Terry pull out between me and the group. I kept Terry in my sights until 121, but I was unable to catch him or get closer. Meanwhile Lora was behind me somewhere. In Van Alstyne she said that she was going to ride into McKinney and then have someone help her pick up her car.

When I got to the QT in McKinney, Terry was just pulling out. He stopped and waited for me to reload my bottles then we rode the rest of the way in together.

Mike was waiting at the Walgreens and told me that Mitch was there for a while as well. Mike said that Georgie and Kathy just hammered the rest of the ride!

This one was tougher for me than the last two years, but still a good ride!

Stoopidr Than Hell Finishers:
Super Dave(4)
Tim (4)
Vic (1)
Kathy (1)
Georgie (1)
Lora (1)

Update July 11: Terry told me that Mitch's bike, a beautiful orange and black Orbea had suffered a cracked frame. Mitch has a claim pending against the idiot motorcyclist's insurance co.

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