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Sunday, August 22, 2010
Tri-Rock Triathlon
Man it was hot out there today. Wow.

This race is the exact same course at the Classic Rock event that I did in May. Except Hotter.

The day started pretty early. I got Marissa up at ODarkThirty as she was baby sitting for Victoria who was riding with me to the Race. We got to the venue in pretty good time. I unloaded our bikes and then we headed into transition. Last May I goofed around too much and missed the opportunity for a warmup swim. Today I racked up my bike and jumped right in the pool for a quick 500.

We all suffered through the lengthy prerace meeting and then we were ready to roll.

The kid in front of me for the swim had no goggles. Not a good sign. And sure enough I passed him in the first 50 meters. I passed two others in the pool as well, which gave me lots of clear water in front of me. My swim time was 4:56 vs 5:02 in May.

On to the transition, where I noticed I was breathing harder than usual. The transition felt slow. I was 1:26 through T1 vs 1:09 in May. I need to cut out the cigarette breaks in transition.

On the bike. I tried to focus on keeping a very high cadence throughout the race. I did a good job right off the bat and I was sailing along. I think that we must have had a bit of a tailwind too. I was passing a bunch of people, but not many people were passing me. Finally as we got very close to the turnaround a guy came by me. And right then I realized that I was closing in on Victoria. She saw me and yelled that she had no gears! The guy who passed me was in my age group, so I really concentrated on keeping up with him as best as I could. Another guy in our age group also passed me about half way back. So now I was chasing two yahoos. My bike time was 35:14 vs 35:06 in may. Interestingly my Ave Cadence was 97 vs 91 in May.

I was off the bike and on the run very quickly. I could see both of the guys that passed me out in front. I was pretty sure I was gaining on the guy closest to me. The guy farther out was not getting ahead but I was not making much group. I got by the first guy in the first mile. I was getting closer to the second guy. Just before the turnaround at half way there was a long gradual hill. I was moving up the hill much better than he was. Just after the turn I got by him. He had #39 (I was 35). This meant that I should have started about 10 seconds ahead of him. And to beat him I had to put more than 10s between me and him at the finish. Each corner I worked hard to put down the hammer. At the last turn around I was ahead but not by a comfortable margin. I did not have much in the gas tank; it was hot, my legs were tightening up. I gave it all that I could and then I found a little extra for the last 100 meters.

Wow that was hard.

I was glad I worked so hard to get those two guys back. My run was 19:30 compared to 19:05 in May. The three of us that were battling out there on the run and the bike for the age group finished within 14 seconds of each other. IE the top three in my age group were separated by 14 seconds. I finished 11s ahead of the guy I passed at the half way (he won our age group in May) and he finished just 3 seconds ahead of the other guy. It was fun having a real race out there!

My overall time was 1:01:40. 10th overall, second masters, first age group.

Victoria won first overall masters with a broken shift cable on her bike. Terry won his age group and was second overall Grand Masters.

Nice work folks!


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