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Sunday, August 01, 2010
Two White Dogs Duathlon
This was my second attempt at a Duathlon. The first one being last years edition of this event.

This year I got to the race 90 minutes before start. Since I had a bit of extra time, I did a five mile warmup on the bike, followed by a mile jog slow, followed by a bunch of strides. It was so hot a humid, I was soaked before the race even began.

The race organizers also run a 5K road race which starts with the Duathlon. At the start you dont know which speedsters are in which event until you get to the 1mile mark, where the Duathlon turns around. Unless of course the speedster is wearing bike shorts, then most likely that guy is in the Du.

And this is exactly what happened this morning. A tall grey headed guy jumped out to a fast start in his bike uniform. I was very surprised at how fast he was running. He had fifty meters on me at the mile mark and he was pulling away. WTF?? At that point I knew I was not going to win the race. I could not catch this guy in the run, and it would be surprising if I could catch him on the bike.

Two White Dogs
First Run

He had 70 or 80 meters on my when we can into transition. I grabbed my bike and helmet and ran through transition and this guy was just getting on his bike. I took off after him. Sure enough he was pulling away. Focus.

Two miles down the road another guy caught me on his bike. Just after he passed there was a hard left turn and this dude was fishtailing all over the place. I thought for sure he was going to lose it. He pulled it out and I was in third. I kept sight of the two leaders for the first half of the race, but eventually they pulled away. No one else passed me on the bike and as I was coming back to transition I could not see anyone behind me.

Two White Dogs
On the bike.

As I came out of transition for the second run, I could not see either dude in front of me. And it was not until I got close to the turn around that i finally saw them. For a while I was becoming convinced that the two of them went off course on the bike and I was in the lead. The last mile was tough, my quads were on the verge of cramping. I pushed hard to the end and came in third overall. Both of the dudes in front of me were in my age group. Sheesh!

The official results had me in 52:27 compared to 52:58 last year. I was 90 seconds in back of the top two and 90 seconds in front of the next guy.

That was hard.

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