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Sunday, September 12, 2010
Prairieman Sprint Triathlon
Last year it was raining like hell for this one. I figured I might see what this was like without rain. That said, it was pretty damn hot. The water temps were 88 and it was close to that for the air temps with tons of humidity as well.

This time I was able to to the race, get my transition set and still have enough time for a good warmup in the lake - probably 300 Meters or so. Maybe more. I did not panic in the water. I had hoped to start on the left side of the swim pack and instead just like last year I found myself on the right side. Sheesh. I was 10th overall in the swim and I was fifth out of the water in the masters wave. I clocked 8:42 for the swim compared to 8:50 last year.

I made it though transition with no issues and tried to get that bike rolling fast. I had a guy pass me right away but I got him back. Carey Willingham passed me about a quarter of the way through. Plus a couple of other yahoos. I did reasonably well to keep up with them most of the way. The Polar bike computer kept turning on and off during the race. I think that I must have moved the pickup when I cleaned the bike on Saturday.

When I turned into the park I got very confused as to where to go. That let one other guy and the top girl pass me. I tailed them into transition and beat them both out of transition on the run.

I could see all of the masters in front of me on the run. I got one of them. There was one dude way out in the lead then a pack of three and including Carey. I worked as hard as I could but the lead was too much. Carey beat me by 7 seconds and the other two were 23 seconds ahead.

Just like with the TriRock, I finished 10th in the Swim and 10th in the run. Weird.

I was 9th overall and 3rd in my age group. There was only 23 seconds difference between first and third. Wow.

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