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Thursday, October 14, 2010
Annoyed Part Two
I am annoyed as hell that the collective governments of this world can't figure out how to change the dagnab clocks. India, which has enough damn problems to solve - certainly more than they can handle, is the only sane one of the lot. They don't screw with the clocks at all. This must also be the reason that they are one of the few time zones that is on a 30 minute boundary. They are splittin' the difference and getting on with things. Well Done India.

But I digress.

I work with dudes in Europe and in India as well as in good ole North America. The Europeans are going to move off of "Summer Time" on Oct 30. Meanwhile the knuckleheads in Washington Dee Cee have decreed that we will role back the clocks in North America on Nov 7.

And so during the week of Nov 1 all hell is going to break loose.

All the meetings that have been scheduled by my coworkers in the UK will be one hour later - that week only - for me, my friends in North America and also my friends in India. Meanwhile all of the meetings that I have scheduled as well as those scheduled by my buddies here in the states and in India will be one hour earlier for my friends in Europe. Got that - some meetings an hour later, some an hour earlier. In short total chaos will ensue on the meeting calendar.

Needless to say the week of Nov 1 will be a week were everyone is missing their key meetings and no work will be done. Good Freaking Grief.

Thank you world standards bodies. You suck.

And while I am bitching about this, let me add that I think that the British have it exactly right calling the time adjustment “Summer Time”. That is a damn sensible name. The time change occurs during the summer. Duh. In the USA we call it Daylight Savings Time. What kind of name is that? There is no actual change to the amount of daylight, so are we really saving anything?


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I love it when you rant.

As for what you said... DITTO, AMEN, and Hallelujia!

I'll try to rant more often in that case! :-)
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