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Sunday, November 07, 2010
DRC Half and 5K
I had unfinished business with this race from last year, where I was passed twice in the last half mile by two masters runners. This year, I was in much better shape, and what a spectacular morning for a run.

I went out pretty hard from there start. This really tall kid wearing some cross country shoes took the lead and I was right behind him. I held that position until the top of the hill that leads from East Lawther up to Mocking bird. At that point an aztecas runner went by me. I stuck with him until West Lawther when both he and another really young kid pulled away. I hit the mile in 5:45 - which was slow relative to the track session I had on Wednesday.

And that was the race - decided in the first 3/4 of a mile. I ran the rest of the race by myself. With those three guys in front. I hit the two mile in 11:53 and the three mile in 18:03. Finished in 18:40.

Strong Finish

It turns out the kid in the cross country shoes was a bandit. So I was third overall first masters.

And no one passed me in the last mile. Or two! :-)

Ironically this was my first masters win this year. So far the three 2009 races that I had won overall masters last year, I did not win again this year. And this race that I lost Masters last year, I won. Go figure.


DRC 5K Masters Overall

Post Race Notes for the DRC:

1) Remind us that we need a stupid ID for the beer garden. Sheesh who brings thier ID to a race??

2) Get it together on the results. They were screwed up last two years in a row.

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This is so awesome! Congratulations!
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