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Sunday, December 05, 2010
Don Zetnick Arlington Winter Run
Following our big Turkey Run, Reagan and Carson were committed to doing the Penguin Run again this year. This would be Reagan's third year in a row for this race - amazing.

The weather for the race was much warmer (50 or so) than it had been for the past couple of years. That would be good for the kids!

I was surprised that they started the 2 mile and 10K together. That was new for this year. And it made for a crowded start. Also I realized that Reagan and Carson needed to be aware of this fact, so I had to go back and find them to tell them to be sure to follow the two mile route. After that, I found a spot about three rows back but behind some high school kids. I knew they would go our hard so I would not have to weave around them.

The first half mile was pretty typical of this race, a ton of kids that go out hard, but fade rapidly. I got by them and was running with one kid who lasted longer than most. He tried to press but was not successful. I could not hear the mile split. A couple of boys had caught up to me at the mile then pressed for a couple hundred meters and then on the gradual uphill part, I was able to drop them. I ran the last three quarters in fear - knowing that those boys were probably not too far back, but there was no one close enough in front of me to try to catch or work with.

Arlington Winter Run
Working through the Kids at the half mile.

At the finish I could see the clock was nearing 11:30 so I tried to beat that, and in fact came though in 11:31 which was apparently a chip time of 11:29. I ran 11:30 last year. It turns out that was good enough for fifth overall and first in my age group.

Trying to run strong!

I jogged back to the half mile to go spot and found Reagan and Carson. Reagan was in pain and was crying a bit. I turned and ran with them. It was clear that Reagan was toughing it out, so I pointed to a little girl in front of them and suggested that they try to catch her. Reagan picked up the pace a bit and they closed the gap. That girl kept looking back, though, so she started to pick it up too. When we got to the turn for the home stretch, I told them to hammer it in. They both kicked into high gear. And as I watched Reagan it seemed like she stumbled a little and then she stopped running and started crying hard. She told me that she could not breathe. Ah! She had not taken her inhaler before the race. Rats. I had her put her hands over her head and start walking and then run for the last 100 to the finish.

Carson Huge Finish

I cant breathe
Reagan Cant Breathe

Reagan Finish
Reagan Finish

Reagan missed third place by four one hundredths of a second. It was over a minute faster than her previous best 2 mile race. Carson won second in her age group!


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