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Monday, January 03, 2011
2010 Year In Review
2010 was a tough year in a lot of ways. During the previous two years, I had racked up 10 Overall Masters Titles, five each in 08 and 09. This year, I was unable to successfully defend any of those titles. It was not that I was slower either, just not fast enough! I did manage to win two new masters titles at the end of the year, at DRC and at the Jogr. So that's not such a bad thing!

Also - I finished the year ranked 18th in the SMW Triathlon Rankings for my age group. I also finished 2009 ranked 18th!

Race Results:
McKinney Triathlon - First AG
Classic Rock Triathlon - Second AG
Two White Dogs Duathlon - First AG (3rd overall)
TriRock - First AG
Prairieman - Third AG
Stonebridge Ranch - First AG
DRC 5K - First Overall Masters (3rd overall)
Sachse Turkey Trot - First AG (3rd overall)
Penguin Run - First AG
Jogr Egg Nogr - First Overall Masters

Beyond all of that, I ran a bunch of track meets; did the STH 100 Mile Bike; and did the STH 10,000 Meter Swim.

One of the most amazing things from 2010, is that I had no zero days in the log book; I managed to get a workout every day of the year. That was a first. And that included working though the very badly sprained ankle on March 1. Several other firsts: two PRs for Swim Distance - 5K and 10K. And the most swim mileage in a month and in a year. No international travel this year helped all of that.

Run - 30196 Miles
Bike - 12956 Miles
Swim - 1248243 Meters

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