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Thursday, July 07, 2011
Stoopidr Than Hell 100 VI
STH 100 VI
STH Finishers: John, ChrisP, VickyP, YT, SuperDave

After several July 4 rides, this year, we went back to the traditional date for the STH 100 - the weekend before Independence Day. The weather pattern for the last four weeks had been VERY STRONG south winds. As a result I plotted out an Alternative Route down to Kaufman. As fate would have it, the winds calmed down in the days leading up to the ride. So we decided to head north per SOP.

We had eight riders this year - and for the most part it was a pretty cohesive group.

Right off the bat ChrisP could not find his keys so while he was looking for them, Me, Terry and Victoria did a small loop down to the Dallas county line and by the time we got back the group was ready to go. Right off the bat, Tom was riding slower than the rest of us - which was a bit of a concern.

We set a hammering pace up to Van Alstyne, which according to John was an average velocity of more than 19 MPH. After reloading at Van Alstyne, Terry and Tom still had not turned up. The rest of us headed out to Sherman. As I had predicted we found Terry at the Shell Station right where I found him last year. Terry said that Tom was with him through Melissa, but then he was not sure what happened to him.

With Terry in tow, we hammered it back to Van Alstyne. Both Victoria and I were overheating by the time that we got back to the Exxon in Van Alstyne! We had dropped Terry again, but I knew we would find him in Anna at the sonic!

I felt much better after the second stop; we continued the hard pace, and sure enough when we got to Anna, there was Terry eating his hamburger at the Sonic, something that ChrisP just could not believe!

We continued to make great time to McKinney and we all agreed to stop at the QT per STH tradition. Terry caught up with us, made a quick stop and then he and Victoria headed off before the rest of us. Victoria had a plan to pull Terry into the finish and amazingly we caught them right at Renner Road and the seven of us finished together.

Tom's car was in the parking lot, which lead to a more concerns about Tom. Later I received and email that he had become lost (I had given him a map...) but was OK.

This was clearly the fastest STH yet. And in spite if boiling temps, it was a heck of a good ride!

Stoopidr Than Hell Finishers:
Chris Hughes(6)
Terry Ziegler (6)
Super Dave(5)
Mike Jones(3)
Tim Ellis(4)
Victoria Piper-Byers (2)
Kathy Wickersham (1)
Georgie Stones(1)
Lora (1)
Chris Phelan (1)
Chris Wong (1)


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