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Sunday, October 09, 2011
Cooper Fall Sprint Triathlon

I had hoped to get in one more sprint triathlon this year and the calendar narrowed it down to this one or the Monster Sprint in Denton. I felt like training was going well which had me leaning toward cooper. The bike course was a two loop affair that looked like the shape of a star, complete with 10 180 degree turns. That did not look optimal, but then again it was only 12 miles, so what the heck.

The swag was pretty lame: a technical shirt - they had me down for the wrong size and they did not want to change it although they finally agreed to give me the right size. And there was a cookie in there too. Needs improvement.

Race weather was pretty nice. Cool, and overcast. After racking my bike, I got in the pool and cranked out a 750 warmup. The warmup was OK, but it did not feel great - I did not feel strong and relaxed. After my swim, I went back to transition to stash my bag and they were screaming about my bike not being racked properly. They musta been doing this for a quite a while. Indeed, I was in rack 1-15 and my number, 18 belonged in the next rack. Duh.

10th in the water

Back at the pool we lined up and I was about the 10th person in the water. The cooper pool is an 8 lane 50 meter heated outdoor pool. They took the rope out of the last lane making it a 350 meter swim. I never got jammed up during the swim, but good grief, triathletes do not know how to turn. At each wall someone was stopped right where I needed to turn. Get the heck outta the way!

I got out of the pool, through transition and on the bike with no issues. All shoes accounted for. It was windy, and also some hills on the course. I rode as hard as a could, but I could never get in a good rhythm. A bunch of guys passed me on the bike course. As I came into the dismount line, someone, I think it was Joe Champ maybe, lost control and bit it pretty hard right in front of me. Between trying not run over Joe, and everything else, I only managed to get one foot out of my shoes. I must have looked pretty funny running to T2 with one shoe on and the other off.

Trying to sort out the bike.

No issues in T2 and I got right out on the run. Two guys, including Brad Soucher, had a pretty good jump on me out of the transition. I managed to run them both down in the first mile. The was one guy now in sight ahead of me, who turned out to be the eventual masters winner. He was running hard, but I did manage to close a lot of ground, almost catching him at the end.

Bringing it home

Results: 3rd overall in the swim. What? Really? That must be my highest swim placement ever. 18th in the bike. Bike course is too technical for my abilities. (Bike Stats from the polar: 11.2 miles, Ave 21.3, CAD 91, ride time 31:41, Alt 670, Temp 73) 5th in the run in 19:08. I felt like my running was coming along and sure enough 19:08 is a big improvement from my last race and it was done on a much harder race course. 7th overall in 58:20, 2nd Over forty and first over 50. I also think that this was the first sprint tri that I had completed in under an hour!

Cooper Fall Sprint

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