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Sunday, April 01, 2012
Race Report: Rock and Roll Half Marathon Dallas

I was not really planning on doing the Half Marathon Distance anytime in the predictable future after the Tulsa Run. However, Brooks gave me a free entry into the Dallas race.

Logistically the race is a bear as it starts at City Hall but ends at Fair park. That meant driving to fair park, then taking a cattle car to the start line. Also, the race had 15000 runners, so finding a porta-pot was also a challenge. All of that said, I managed to get in some jogging and strides before jumping into the first corral 10 minutes before the gun.

Flying along in the first half

It was packed in the corral, but once we started moving, I was able to start moving and passing people. I was on a tear for the first three miles passing people as I was running 6:10 pace, way too hard. The first seven miles are a steady climb with some flats. By the time I got to skillman, I was unable to give it anything more. I was sure that there was no way I would finish under 90 minutes. Even when I got to mile 11 in 71 minutes, I was unconvinced!

I never saw the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!

Finally in Fair park, I was able to kick it in gear for the finish. I had 85:25 on my watch (gun time), and officially 85:13 chip time, only 16 seconds slower than Tulsa on a tough course and a tough day.

12:23 (mile 2); 18:32 (6:09); 24:53 (6:20); 31:12 (6:19); 37:48 (6:36); 44:26 (6:37); 51:11 (6:45); 57:45 (6:33); 64:21 (6:36); 71:11 (6:53); 77:56 (6:41); 84:46 (6:49); 85:25 (39.8)

That was a tough day and a tough run. I was surprised with the time! Glad that one is in the bag!


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