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Sunday, August 05, 2012
TWU Pioneer Sprint Triathlon

I had a great time at this event last year, and since it supports Women's Soccer at TWU, I thought I would give it a go this year once more. I had been training well and I felt like my Swim and Bike were stronger than they have ever been.

I got to Denton in good time and got my stuff all set up in Transition then hopped into the pool for a 800Y warmup. I got back to transition and found Pedro right next to me in the bike rack. Pedro was wearing number 20 while I had 24. That means that Pedro lied better than me about his swim time. My plan was to be out of the pool and on the bike and then hang with Pedro for as long as possible on the bike.

I caught Pedro right at 100M. After the next turn Pedro got on my toes. I hope that her was able to hang there for a while. It is astounding how many people in the top 20 are hanging on the walls at the turns. Unreal.

I got out of the pool and was struggling to find the zipper on the speed suit. I finally got out of that sucker when Pedro appeared at transition. I grabbed my bike and got out of there. The mount line is on kind of a hill, and as I stopped to mount up, Pedro ran right by me to the street where he did a superman leap onto the bike and was outta there!

Attempting to beat Pedro out of Transition

By the time I was rolling Pedro was long gone. That said, I put my head down and hammered it as hard as I could. No one passed me in the bike and I picked off a buncha dudes out there on the race course.

Go, Go, Go!

It was a solid transition to the race shoes and on to the run. Almost immediately I could feel my right calf twitching like it was ready to cramp. Dehydration for sure. One of the cats that I passed on the bike (in fact the first guy into the pool) went by me on the run. He and Pedro were the only two that passed me and they both started in front of me! I will take that as a minor victory. I did pass one other guy on the run to boot.

Look at that right leg - Ready to cramp!

7th Overall
7th in the swim in 4:02.8
T1 0:39.2
10th on the bike in 43:16.4 (Bike Stats from the polar: 16 miles; Ave 22.1; CAD 91; Alt 650; Temp 78)
T2 0:52.2
16th on the run in 21:03.1
Total 1:09:53.9

Last Year:
8th Overall
5th in the swim in 4:02.7
T1 0:53.1
10 on the bike in 42:17.1
T2 0:49.7
11th in the run in 21:21.9
Total 1:09:24.6

Pretty much identical!!

And I won Grand Masters Overall once again (as reported in the Denton Record)

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