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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Chris, Tim and VickyP at the Race Track Mile 75

I got a late start this year organizing the STH 100. In the end Mike, Terry, Tim, Victoria and SuperDave agreed to do the ride. We chose to do a loop route for the first time. I figured that we could ride out from Rockwall to Caddo Mills and then from there back to Farmersville, McKinney and the usual way home. Originally I thought that we would do this route. On the Sunday before the ride I went out to test my theory on this route. I discovered that 380 was under construction in Farmersville. Also the road that I chose to go north from Princeton was closed. So I settled in on this alternative as the official route.

Official Route of STH 100 VIII

Terry reported that he would not be doing the usual ODT start and instead would ride the loop backwards until he finds the group (Clockwise) and shoot for doing a 100K.

Mike and SuperDave decided to start from my house. Mike turned up on time, but had forgotten to bring his shoes. I did not have a shoe for him, so he headed home to get his shoes. I found Dave in the front of the house and invited him to move his car to the back. Had he not done that, we would not have found Tim. Tim told me that he was riding from his house but he sensibly drove over to my place as was parked in the back of my house. VickyP rode over from her house.

The four of us headed south through Sachse when Mike called Victoria. I told Mike to drive down to Dalrock and 66 and meet us there, but he decided to go home.

It was a fabulous morning. Dave took a nice pull from Josephine to Caddo but I noticed when he was done; he looked cooked. Not good as we were only 37 miles into the ride. We made a quick pit stop in Caddo Mills and then headed to Farmersville. The 380 section coming into Farmersville has some rolling hills. I was pushing 270 watts on the hills which dropped Dave. We waited for Dave for a while in Farmersville and then headed out again. Dave was dropped immediately. We waited at the turn for New Hope. Dave told me he needed to ride at his own pace, so we let him go.

From there me, Tim and Vicky did the 20 miles through New Hope to McKinney. We found Terry on headed our way on New Hope Road. I told Terry to keep going and find Dave to keep an eye on him.

The three of us stopped at the Racetrack at 380 and Airport. I reloaded on Ice, Gatorade and downed a bag of Almonds. Then is was smooth sailing for 254 miles to home.

Tim and I had a beer and then Tim packed it up and headed home. I took a shower and when I came out I found Dave in the back yard. Dave was not sure what happened to cause him to have such a poor day.

And so that caps it off.

I had the mileage just over 100 with an Ave Velocity of 18.4 MPH.

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