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Sunday, September 08, 2013
Blackland Triathlon

I did this event in the inaugural year. That was five years ago and since then the course has changed and more importantly the calendar has changed; for the last four years the race has been held on Labor Day. Labor Day is a big select soccer weekend, and as such we have been out of town or playing locally.

This year was no exception, Logan's team was playing in the Plano Tournament - but I took a chance and decided to do the event even if there was a conflict. Even better I checked with Terry to see if he had a "Team Z" entry for me and the answer was YES!

The week before the event I had been pretty congested and also had been fighting an ear infection. Over I was not feeling that great. Sunday morning I met with Team Z for an easy ride down to the LBJ. I had put the disk wheel with the tubular on the bike for the race and wouldnt you know it I hit some crap concrete and blew the tubular with no spare. Ugghh... Fran rescued me and I put the training wheels on the bike for the race.

Race morning the weather was nice as I left the house but literally a quarter of a mile down the road - rain! Actually I kind of like racing in the rain! After getting everything set up in transition, Ron and I did 600-700 Meters warmup in the pool.

I was second into the water and went out HARD. In spite of the some of the kids were smokin my butt! Then about 125 or so into the 300M swim I felt my legs getting heavy. I had pushed myself into anaerobic zone! I breifly consbatgidered a wall stop. Instead I did my best to recovery and get through the swim.

Ron ran by me coming into transition. He was laughing at me for not being able to catch my breath! Once I got on the bike I felt much better. I battled it out with some guy who was in the 42 age bracket. We passed everyone except Ron and Dave. I finally got ahead of this guy coming up the last loop on Shilo road.

I was pretty much by myself on the run. I worked it as hard as I could, but I could see Scott Olden closing on me at the turnaround. From that point its all uphill to the finish and I just focused on fast turnover and Scott was not able to gain any more ground on me.

That was good for 8th overall - 8th on swim; 7th on the bike and 7th on the run. Not my finest piece of work, but not too bad either.

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