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Sunday, November 24, 2013
Best of the best

I had been considering doing a late season triathlon and the long range weather indicated that this race would be run in some mild weather. So I signed up!

Race morning I got to Denton early which gave me plenty of time to warmup. I managed 750 yards for the warmup and felt pretty good for the race in spite of having a head on collision in the pool!

All the usual suspects were in attendance. ArchieS was wearing #22 starting right in front of me at #23. ToddB was farther up in the swim, sporting the latest in fast googles! BradS and ScottO were behind.

The swim was uneventful. I passed a Loncar Jersey in the pool, and thought it was Archie but it was someone else as Arch was right in from of me as I exited the pool. I was in and out of transition fairly quickly and started hammering on the bike. My legs were a bit dead however. I probably should have not done the 40 mile RBM ride the day before the race! I was not able to keep with Arch and BradS also passed me. I was able to stay ahead of Scott however.

Bike Done

Transition two was also pretty good, although Scott beat me out of transition. I hung behind him on the run, but was not able to catch him. I did pass Todd and right at the end I nipped Brad.

That was good enough for 10th overall and the Grand Masters Award, which included a huge trophy and a Muscle Milk Backpack!

The cool thing about this race is that Dallas Athletes gave away all their old race shirts and other swag. I grabbed a couple of Disco Shirts for Reagan and Logan; a Monster shirt for Fran; and a Black X-50 hat for me!

Overall GrandMasters

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