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Sunday, December 15, 2013
Dog Bite

Saturday I was out on my MTB riding around Breckinridge Park when I was bit by a dog. The following is an account of what happened and some thoughts to avoid this sort of accident.

I had been out about an hour at this point and was doing a loop at the very back of the park. I noticed an older guy walking three dogs, two labs and golden, who were all very well behaved, no barking or chasing. On my way back from this loop I came back up on this group again. The trail is a 12 foot wide mowed grass trail cut through the prairie. The guy was on the right side of the trail and two of the dogs close to him. The third dog however was all the way across the trail on 12 feet of lead. There was no way for me to pass, so I slowed way down and came to a stop several feet from this dog. The dog looked at me and then nipped my leg and ran over to his owner. I was astounded and told the guy, hey your dog nipped me. I was surprised that he did not discipline the dog. At that point I did not think much of this and jumped on the bike and pressed on.

Only after I was back on the bike did I notice that my leg was hurting like it was ripped up. I stopped and took a look as was very surprised to see how much damage this dog did to my leg! The plan was to do another loop of that trail anyway so I headed back and then stopped to discuss this some more with the dog guy.

I rode up to him and stopped and the same dog let loose with a single warning bark and then sat right at his owners feet. I showed him my leg and told him that he needed to see what his dog did. He told me that the dog had all his shots and offer that I must have scared her. Well yeah, I think thats exactly what happened. However, there is a 6 foot leash law in the park and I mentioned this as well. At this point I decided that I did not want to make a big deal about this. It was pretty clear to me that these all seemed like very well behaved dogs, even the one that bit me.

Key points: even the most well behaved dogs could get scared and bite - so give them some room. I did not feel like I was too close to this dog - but I was close enough that she got me so there ya go - too close. If you are walking your dog in a public park - please mind the leash laws!

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You really got the lesson there. Not all dogs are friendly or dangerous. They might be in a good mood, but not always. Like us, their behavior also changes, so you always have to be aware of the situation. Anyhow, I was disappointed with the owner’s reaction. I guess you just have to be careful next time.

Cheryl Bush @ CWCLawFirm
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